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St. Ann Men's Club


Founded: 1935



  • President
    Ben Tierney  -  769-6194

  • Vice-President
    Luke Engelmeyer - 604-2044

  • Secretary
    Jim Paunicka - 503-4632
  • Treasurer
    Matt Waterman  -  605-5291
  • Sergeant at Arms
    ​Dave Morris  -  381-4700

About Us

The St. Ann Men’s Club was established in 1935 to “encourage and foster the spiritual, material, and social life of St. Ann Parish by means of various activities for the promotion of piety, friendship, and parochial development”. 

​Membership is open to all men 21 years of age who are interested in Men’s Club Activities.

Meeting Location


​The Club is organized as a volunteer body with five elected Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms). By tradition, a new President, Vice-President, and Secretary are elected each year. 

The Treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms posts are generally members who agree to serve an indefinite term at the pleasure of the Club Executive Committee.

In addition to the general membership, there are two official committees in the Men’s Club – the Executive Committee, consisting of all past and present duly elected Club Officers; and the House Committee, consisting of volunteer members who are responsible for managing the Parish Center bar and soccer field concession stand.

​​Dues are a nominal $10.00 per year.


Call the Parish office at 385-5090 or any of the officers listed.

​All membership and committee meetings are held at the Parish Center behind St. Ann Catholic Church: