• January
    Installation of Officers (Cocktail Party)
  • February/March
    Support the Fish Fries (in Lent) and School Trivia Night
  • April​
    Spring Cleanup for Parish Grounds and Concession Stand
  • May
    ​​School Picnic and 8th Grade Graduation
  • June
    Golf Tournament
  • August​
    Soccer Field cleanup to prepare for Sprenke Tournament 
  • September
    Msgr. Sprenke Soccer Tournament and BBQs
  • October
    Soccer Night
  • November​
    Poker Tournament
  • December​
    Christmas Meeting and Election of Officers


Men’s Club meets in the Parish Center at 8:15 p.m. each month on the last Wednesday of the month (subject to adjustments around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 
At our monthly meetings food and drink are provided on a free-will donation basis.

Year at a Glance


The major focus of the Men’s Club has been sponsorship of our sports programs through the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Council (CYC). 

Sports sponsored include soccer and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball, softball, and track in the spring of the year.

There is something for everyone. All activities we sponsor or participate in support our stated goal of improving the spiritual, material, and social life of St. Ann Parish.

Each year the Men’s Club awards a $1000 scholarship to the 8th grade boy who is at the top of his class.

Volunteer Athletic Committee coordinators help arrange schedules, recruit and train coaches, collect and control entry fees, and provide liaison with district sports coordinators. 

​The Men’s Club is perhaps most notable for sponsorship of the Monsignor Sprenke Soccer Tournament, which dates back to 1960 and is the oldest continuously played youth tournament in the St. Louis area.

Sports Programs

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